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Building Strong Minds and Bodies Through Physical Fitness!      We Offer Boys & Girls Programs Including  *Artistic Gymnastics * Competitive Jump Rope * Tumbling Classes *  Parent & Tot Classes * Pre-School Classes *  Home School Classes * Private Lessons * Birthday Parties *   Competitive Gymnastics and Jump Rope Teams        







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Building Strong Minds and Bodies Through Physical Fitness ™



Youth Sports, Virginia Training Center class programs have proven to be an excellent way to develop “life skills” for children of all ages.  The life skills learned in our programs include plotting for success, self-discipline, goal setting, perseverance, teamwork and fitness.

We offer Parent-Tot, Pre-school, Home school, Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced gymnastics, Cheer, Jump Rope, Aerobic Gymnastics, and Tumbling classes. Tuition for all classes are based on a 5 week long session. Sessions are consecutive and there are no contracts! Prices are for a 5 week session (5-classes). Youth Sports offers a free trial class to all first time participants!  We also offer 10% sibling and military discounts (active military ID is required). Discounts do not apply to classes that are already discounted. We also proudly offer make-up classes, however missed classes will not be pro-rated. Please call the office to schedule any make up class.   There is an Annual Registration Fee of $55.00 per student.  Registration period is valid through to September of each year. Tuition is due on week #5 for the next session, and a sign-up sheet must be filled out for each session. Payments received after week #5 will be assessed a $10.00 late penalty. There is a return check fee of $35.00.

Closings for inclement weather will be announced on our answering machine and posted on the main page of the website.  We do not follow the public school closings.

Parents may view class from the spectator area only.  Please refrain from giving directions or corrections to class participants. 

Youth Sports proudly offers the following classes:


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PARENT-TOT class is best described as “Quality family time”.  This class is designed for walking tots through the age of 3.  With the guidance of our qualified instructors, parents will assist their little ones through obstacle courses that include tumbling, climbing, movement, balancing, trampoline, bars and more.  Other activities will include parachute play, hoola hoops, bean bags and more!  

PRE-SCHOOL GYMNASTICS classes are designed for children between the ages of 3-5.  Our program focuses on gross motor skills and basic gymnastics concepts in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Children will participate in obstacle courses that include tumbling, bars, beam, trampoline, climbing and more.  The pre-schoolers will build confidence and co-ordination while learning basic life skills such as waiting their turn, getting along with others and following instructions.  Due to safety issues, age requirements are strictly enforced.  We also ask that parents refrain from giving instructions and directions to their child, as it becomes a distraction to the class.  Thank you.

PRE-SCHOOL II GYMNASTICS classes are particularly for ages 4 & 5 year olds.  The class structure is exactly the same as the above pre-school program, however, due to the age difference, the class pace may be a bit faster.

HOME SCHOOL GYMNASTICS is an introductory level class.  Focus will be on physical activity and fun!  Ages are for 3 and up.  Please see front desk for group rates and registration information.

BEGINNER GIRLS GYMNASTICS is an introduction to gymnastics for girls ages 5-9.  Girls will learn basic skills on floor exercise, bars, vault, beam and trampoline.  All skills are taught by instructors using our safe, progressive program.  Beginners meet once or twice a week for one hour.  All participants should receive an evaluation form every 10 weeks.


INTERMEDIATE GIRLS GYMNASTICS is designed for those children who have progressed past the introductory stage.  Gymnasts will work on improving skills learned at the Beginner level while learning new, more challenging skills.  Focus will be on strength, flexibility, floor exercise, bars, beam, vault and trampoline.  Class is 2 hours long.

ADVANCED GIRLS GYMNASTICS will perfect Intermediate skills while safely progressing on to a more difficult level of gymnastics.  Workouts will focus on all women’s events while including flexibility and conditioning to strengthen the girls for more physically challenging skills.  Advanced Girls meet 2 times per week for 1 ½ hours each class.

BEGINNER BOYS GYMNASTICS is an introduction to gymnastics for boys.  Boys will learn basic skills on high bar, rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, floor exercise, vault and trampoline.  All skills are taught by instructors using our safe, progressive program.  Beginners meet once or twice a week for one hour.  All participants should receive an evaluation every 10 weeks.

INTERMEDIATE BOYS GYMNASTICS of all ages will review and improve beginner level skills on all men’s apparatus.  Strength and flexibility are developed to safely prepare the boys for progressively harder skills.  The boys meet twice a week for a one hour class.  Athletes should receive an evaluation every 10 weeks.

YOUTH CHEER PROGRAM is for elementary age children interested in cheerleading.  Their program consists of learning arm motions, jumps, basic low level stunting, cheers, trampoline and flexibility. 

JUMP ROPE PROGRAM is an introduction to a highly advanced form of competitive jump rope.  Students learn basic jump rope skills, routines and trampoline safety while developing coordination, balance and timing.  Intermediate level athletes will add a tumbling class to their curriculum.  This program is excellent for building self-confidence.  Classes take place on the multi-purpose floor, ACRO-springboard and trampolines.  A jump rope is furnished during class time.

AEROBIC GYMNASTICS is a high intensity cardio combination of dance, flexibility and strength!  The participants will practice choreographed routines in groups as well as individually.  Students will need form fitting athletic attire and clean, light weight tennis shoes.

YOUTH TUMBLING is for elementary age, beginner level cheerleaders, dancers, jump ropers or gymnasts.  With the guidance of our qualified instructors, students will learn basic, tumbling skills in a safe, progressive program.  Their class will begin with a warm up and stretch, followed by tumbling and trampoline.  Instructors will incorporate strength and flexibility into the workout to better prepare the students for more difficult skills.

BEGINNER TUMBLING is designed for athletes who have little or no tumbling experience.  Coaches will focus on basic tumbling, strength and conditioning.  Students should range from middle school age and up.  Skill focus will be on the rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-off and breakdown of the back handspring.

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLING class is for athletes who have progressed beyond the introductory stages.  Students will work on improving skills learned at the beginner level and much focus will be placed on the proficiency of the back handspring.

ADVANCED TUMBLING class is for athletes who have acquired a back handspring.  Students will work on improving skills learned at the Intermediate level while learning new, more challenging skills.  Skills focused on at this level are:  Standing back handspring, standing back tuck, round-off back tuck and layouts.  All instructors are experienced with spotting techniques.  Age is not a factor at this level.